Mental Health Therapy with the Autistic Client

Sunday December 31

8:00 AM  –  11:59 PM


There is not a live date for the main content of this training. Training content will be pre-recorded and released in intervals between the fall of 2021 and throughout 2022. December 31, 2022 is the date that registration to access to this virtual training will end. Registrants for this training will receive customized information about how to access training recordings and will be able to view the recordings at their convenience and at their own pace.

This clinical training focuses on identifying DSM-5 mental health diagnoses in autistic clients and how to adapt mental health therapy to effectively support autistic clients. An introductory course begins with foundational concepts of autistic neurology (thinking style and way of handling information) as well as trauma and life stressors autistic individuals often experience. The next section covers the history of the autism diagnosis with implications for today, establishing successful client sessions, setting up the environment, and determining appropriate therapeutic goals. The remaining parts of the course cover topics such as differential diagnosis of autistic attributes from comorbid DSM disorders, adapting therapeutic modalities for autistic neurology, and implementing therapy against the backdrop of concepts learned in previous sections.  The trainers will explore techniques considered to be evidenced-based practices through a neuro-affirming lens and how they can be used in mental health therapy with autistic clients.

Full details of the training are available here.

Groups of 3 or more clinicians from the same practice are eligible for a 10% discount of the total price of registration. To receive the discount, groups should register in the same transaction and the discount will be automatically calculated at check out. Please be prepared to enter details for each registrant included unique email addresses for each.