Beyond Behaviors: Understanding & Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Autistic Individuals

Thursday October 17

9:00 AM  –  4:00 PM

Location: Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake

Mental health concerns are common for individuals on the autism spectrum, yet their struggles in this area often go overlooked and untreated. In this training, we will explore what individuals with autism share about their experiences and the impact living with autism has on their mental health and well being. We will explore the myths and realities of autism and mental health, with a focus on building understanding around the complexities of how these two areas intersect for individuals.

This training will provide specific resources for those looking to learn more about the complexity of helping a person manage multiple conditions, particularly for those on the autism spectrum. This training is designed for individuals on the spectrum, parents, teachers, and other professionals that work to support the mental health of autistic individuals.

Back by popular demand, this workshop will be similar to last year's November conference, with updated information and a focus on providing information for parents and families.

Lunch is included in your registration fee. 

If registering more than one person at a time, please use a unique email address for each registrant to ensure they receive conference updates and information. 

The deadline to register is October 7, 2019.