30th Annual Conference Advertising

Thursday April 11

9:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

Place an advertisement about your company’s products and/or services in our 2019 Conference Program. This is an additional opportunity for you to reach individuals with ASD, parents, educators, therapists, agencies, school districts and others, making them aware of the services you provide.

The Back Cover, Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover are all printed in color. All other advertisements are printed in black and white. Additional charges apply to upgrade to a color advertisement. Contact Amber at agollata@asw4autism.org for more information on upgrading an advertisement.


Back Cover  | Color  |  8" w x 10.5" h  [Reserved]

Inside Front Cover  |  Color  | 8" w x 10.5" h [One Available]

Inside Back Cover  |  Color  | 8" w x 10.5" h [One Available]

One Page  |  Black & White  | 8" w x 10.5" h

Half Page  |  Black & White  | 8" w x 5" h

Quarter Page  |  Black & White  | 4"w x 5" h


Please contact Amber before purchasing the Back Cover, Inside Front Cover or Inside Back Cover to verify availability: 920-558-4600 or agollata@asw4autism.org.

Advertisements must be submitted in JPG format to Amber at agollata@asw4autism.org in the selected size by March 15th, 2019.